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Devikrupa Group is the most trusted manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Single Screw & Barrel, Twin Screw & Barrel, Bimetallic Screw & Barrel, Food Processing Screw & Barrel. In 2008, Devikrupa group expand and under the new venture “Devikrupa Extrusion”. We manufacture HDPE Pipe Machine, PVC Pipe Manufacturing Machine and PVC Profile Plant.

HDPE Pipe Machine are ultramodern extrusion machinery that made with latest technology machinery and followed by international standard. Our HDPE pipe plants are available in various models that separated as per capacity. The plasticized capacity of HDPE pipe plants ranges between 550 kg/hr to 600 kg/hr. Devikrupa group is calculated among leading HDPE pipe machine manufacturers and our HDPE pipe manufacturing machines are comes with higher production capacity with powerful performance.

  • Twin Shaft High Torque Gear Box driven by V belt
  • Solid and robust construction with tubular steel frame
  • Screw and Barrel with latest design and were protection technology for optimum span
  • AC Vector Drive/Heating/Cooling System
  • PID Digital Temperature Controllers
    High Accuracy
  • Easy to operate and optimized performance.
  • HDPE Pipe Machine parts are designed to bring optimum result and better productivity.
  • HDPE Pipe Machine offers longer life and higher durability.
  • The HDPE Pipe Plant consume less power.
  • Vacuum Tank is made from SS.

HDPE Pipe Machine Downstream Equipments

extruder machine die manufacturer

Die Head

Die Head ensure the accurate thickness of the HDPE pipe wall and it gives perfect pipe at higher output. Low-pressure diagonal channel with spiral mixing part ensures extrusion at low temperature and homogeneous plasticization.

Screw Barrel

Screw barrel is made from higher grade alloys which offer higher output and low failure. We manufacture screw barrel in-house.

HDPE Pipe Machine Vacuum Tank

Vacuum Tank

Our designed Vacuum tanks ensure the sizing of pipes when producing higher wall thickness pipes. Water spray inside the tank offers a fine cooling effect that helps HDPE pipe for the smooth surface.

Traction Machine

Our make Traction machines are HDPE pipes to maintain their perfect roundness. The traction machines for HDPE pipe plant is made from high-grade steel. Which offers optimum performance, lower power consumption and easy to operate.

Traction machine for pvc pipe machine
PVC Pipe Cutting Machine

Pipe Cutting Machine

Our cutting machines come with special hard alloy saw blade which is used for cutting heavy caliber thick wall pipes. The process of this cutter machine is fully controlled by the PLC control system.

Tilting Machine

The tilting machine is pneumatically operated with square tubular structure bears the load. Two limits switch accumulator – one for pipe cutter feedback and other for tilting the pipe.

PVC Pipe Tilting Machine
High-Speed Heater-Cooler Mixer

High-Speed Heater-Cooler Mixer

We manufacture high-grade heater that offers the best mixtures of raw materials. This mixer comes in various models as per kg. Our mixer offers higher efficiency with best in class performance. 

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